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This section is going to be maintained by Rain.
Here I am going to drop some dimes of Islamic knowledge on everybody.
I will post any interesting articles I find from my vast sourves on this page so y'all can check them out.
This is the plan right now.
Last updated: 12/09/00
Stuff Done: Added one article in Fiqh section.

Articles by JC Members

Authenticity of the Quran
My own article written about the recent Atlantic monthly article against the Quran
Capitalistic Juggernaut
one of my old articles, decided to post it.
Between Ijtihad and Taqleed
another old article of mine

News Items

Chinese Embassy bombing
Remember when the US bombed that Chinese embassy in Serbia? Reports are it was intentional.
Turkish Headscarf uproar
funny how hijab makes people scared
Some jokes in this article
A article on religious jokes in Egypt
a issue of Islamic law? or just plain sick.. you decide..
A interesting question on law, plus demented, I thought you brothers were ... lets get em , lets end dis..
Baghdad on the Plains
A old article, but a story to keep in mind
Saidi at American University
A old news item, but someone get this movie
Torture of Islamists
Still think Islamic work is easy, ponder on this...

Political Analysis

Analysis of East Timor Situation
A good analysis of what this whole thing was about anyway.
Earthquake in Turkey
Normally I don't post much from my puppet masters, but this one is quite good. A letter sent to Turkey's rulers concerning the earthquake in Izmit, Turkey

IRAN, The Myth of an Islamic State
nuff said

Between Assimilation and Integration - Muslims in the West
Don't know who wrote this, but nice.

SE. Asia Economic Crisis
A Cool Article about the Recent Crisis in SE. Asia and who was behind it (i.e. US) , This Article if From the NYTIMES.

Hijab in France
A news item w/ analysis by Br. Idris Palmer

The New Social Order
A Three-part article on the "New Social Order" by Francis Fukuyama, quite interesting... although too long for some of our brothers with short-attention spans...
By the way , you get to the other two parts by way on links in the first part

Fiqhi Topics

On Argument and Debate
A translation from Ibn Hazm's "Ahkam fi Usul il Ahkam", I am currently reading this book and will try to translate what I find interesting from it.


Mushaf Othmani
-Our Book Still Here (Phat Image)
A cartoon on Columbine
This cartoon satirizes the people who blame video games for everything
Afghan Fighter
Afghan fighter from Dostum tribe fighting other afghans, no message here, just liked this picture.
Fahd wearing the cross
King Fahd wearing the Victorian cross, custodian of two sacred mosques, guardian of al-jazeerah, what a miserable state we are in.

Other Articles

Islam in Prisons
A good history of Islam in the American prison system, and its current state.
The Jehennum of Incarceration
A look into Saudi prisons, from the eyes of a former inhabitant


Encyclopedia of Orient
This is nice. Encyclopedia of N.Africa & Middle East, believe it.
Columbia MES Site
Columbia University Middle East Studies Site
Islamic Site
This is a site made by a professor in Islamic Studies, it is quite good. You get links to nice scholarly articles by Western authors, and other good links
Muhaddith-Arabic Books On-line
I love this site, mad books in Arabic, free for download.
Qaradawi Net
Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi's web page, in Arabic and English, they have whole books on-line, check out Al-Haram wal Halal fil Islam[banned in France]
Awesome--- check it out..
Islamic Awareness
I am very impressed with this site..I give it my 4 star approval rating.. It doesn't seem like much but check out the different sections, like 'Update' and 'Quran' to see the real beef. don't sleep on this one, it's hot!

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