The Capitalist Juggernaut Unveiled part I

With the decline of communism and destruction of the Islamic superstate power now for the first time in history lies solely in the hands of the capitalists. The question is what does this mean for the world? Several attempts have been made to predict a world in which capitalism continues to rule unchecked. The most recent one came in the form of the movie Gattiga. In this movie every individual is analyzed from birth as to his flaws,attributes, and qualifications. His genetics determine his entire future including education, employment, and social strata. The individual's worth is determined down to the gene. While this may be somewhat farfetched I think we can already see such mechanisms in place. Children of the elite attend special schools which assure placement into even more elite higher education which determines in the end social status and job success. So the elites perpetuate themselves while in the meantime a few individuals achieve success from the lower classes confirming the myth of upward mobility. The facts are that rarely can a person from the lowest levels of society achieve success and if he does it is rarely transfered on to his descendants. Capitalism depends on a spectrum of workers from CEO to sweatshop labor. Someone from the bottom rung is hardpressed to move up one rung let alone become "successful". It all boils down to the same age old adage "it takes money to make money". But perhaps we should focus on what are the dreams of the capitalist worker. This would tell us more about the future than anything. Just using Gattiga as an example the star of movie dreams his whole life of becoming an astronaut and going to the stars. An admirable dream? Perhaps on the surface but understand what is going on here. His whole dream on which he spends his whole life training, sacrificing, struggling is to achieve a short-lived material goal. The audience is suckered into cheering for him by the fact that this material goal is "the stars" a glamorous place which cannot be owned and belongs to everyone. Compare this to other movies such as "Wall Street" where the goals are more physical such as money and fame. This is what it means to "make it". Once this is accomplished you need a beautiful girl and you have the ideal life. Maybe you will stay together or you can always update her as Donald Trump is a shining example. So in the end the goal is very simple the achievment of physical nirvana and some stereotyped spiritual happiness through feeding ducks or something trivial such as that.

Now what happens when you don't achieve these physical dreams? Here is where crime becomes open to you because if you can't do it legally than get the money by any means necessary. This is why the prison systems are overflowing and why America has the most people incarcerated of any other nation on this globe. There is no feeling that what I am doing is wrong and why should there be in a capitalist country? The ideal of capitalism is the acquisition of capital by any means necessary, i.e. "he who dies with the most toys, wins" . Morality is needed in this case and the church has come as a handy tool in the hands of the capitalists using it to keep the workers in line. After all what does the church teach you but be a good worker and don't commit crimes. You still shouldn't fear any kind of hell because your sins are already forgiven. The idea here is that the church shouldn't be too effective or too weak. If it is too effective than it undermines the system by making people not desire the goods which are produced. If it is too weak the people will commit too many crimes and overwhelm the system. The happy ideal in America is that the church should help care for some of the disenfranchised poor and homeless , give some spiritual motivation to be productive, and accept all the things which their worshippers to do wrong as long as they don't affect another worker in a way he does not want. I.e. sex is allright as long its consentual. So this is the role of the church to help keep the worker in good mental health and to help take care of the poor and the homeless who cannot be helped by the government.

Humanity is reduced to its productivity. The soul is something to be manipulated to make man more productive and religion is one more tool to accomplish this objective. There is nothing beautiful in this, no elegance, nothing to uplift the soul to achieve greater morality and goodness. The face of the system is ugly but it is masked by the false beauties and inconsequential charms of the material world.

to be continued..... The Deen of al-Islam ... .
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