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I really needed another page where I can put other interesting quotes and information which I find.
I also wanted to put my own thoughts somewhere so this is why I made this page.

"The political importance of Muhammad Abduh's life lies in the fact that he may be said to have been the founder of a school of thought in Egypt very similar to that established in India by Syed Ahmed, the creater of Alighur College. The avowed object of those who belong to this school is to justify the ways of Islam to man, that is to the Moslem man. They are the Girondists of the Egyptian national movement. They are too much tainted with heterodoxy to carry far along with them the staunch conservative Moslem. On the other hand they are often not sufficiently Europeanised to attract the sympathy of the Egyptian mimic of European ways. They are inferior to strictly orthodox Moslem in respect to their Islamism, and inferior to the ultra-Europeanised Egyptian in respect to their Europeanisation. Their task is, therefore, on of great difficulty. But they deserve all the encouragement and support which may be given to them. They are the NATURAL ALLIES OF THE EUROPEAN REFORMER"
----Lord Cromer , the British Controller of Egypt in the late 1800's, "Modern Egypt" pg. 180

The following quote deals with Egyptians because of the author's background but you can substitue Egyptian with any Muslim race and the outcome would be the same. This process which the author describes is the same defeatist mentality which Syed Qutb so clearly described for us in his "Milestones".

"The truth is that in passing through the European educational mill, the young Egyptian Moslem loses his Islamism, or, at all events, he loses the best part of it. He cuts himself adrift from the sheet-anchor of his creed. He no longer believes that he is always in the presence of his Creator, to who he will some day have to render an account of his actions. He may still, however, take advantage of the least worthy portions, namely, which in so far as they tolerate a lax moral code, adapt themselves to his tastes and to his convenience in the affairs of the world. Moreover in losing his Islamism, the educated Egyptian very rarely makes an approach toward Christianity. There are practically NO CASES of Christian converts amongst the educated classes. More than this, although the Europeanised Egyptian is no true Moslem, he is often as intolerant, and sometimes more intolerant than the old orthodox Moslem, who has recieved no European education. ..... From the pedestal of his(Europeanised Egyptian) empirical knowledge, he will regard the "ALIM" as a social derelict, who has to be tolerated, and even occasionally, for political purposes, to be utilised, but who need not be respected."
-----Lord Cromer (same as above) "Modern Egypt" pg. 230

"We are all children of the Sultan, and live together like a family in one house. But, just as in families, we have, each of us provinces of the Empire, our separate room which is our own to arrange as we will and where even the Sovereign must not wantonly intrude"
-Arabi Pasha talking about the status of the Muslim world during his time. Dec. 6th, 1881