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Assalaam Alaykum,This will be the residence of Muhammad Azab's thoughts. He has something to say.

This is Muhammad (Inshallah)

I will now update the situation on my knee.. read carefully.

My knee hurts. My knee is swollen. My knee is injured. My knee doesn't bend well. My knee is under the influence of lots of medication.

    This is a rhyme about my knee:

My knee my knee

Oh how I love thee

You help me run

You're so much fun

I wake with you on my mind

You treat me so kind

I wish so bad you didn't hurt

I'll keep you warm, like Ernie keeps Burt

This poem is for my best body part

And I put that in my medical chart

Till next time!!!!!! Much love to AZ for keepin' it real while i was out!