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rain.JPG - 1130 Bytes I am hitting this off first. AZ shouldn't just be the only one who speaks. This page will be for our own ongoing commentary. After every comment please date it. That way we will have one long page full of commentary, with a timeline. What am I talking about only I and two others have the password anyway. Haha... Im a gonna keep it real like this. This highschool meeting was a ambush. Right now I am feelin like abstaining from all future high school meetings and quitting my current post. But I am sure I will get over it, after I punch a few concrete walls(see profile). Last ten days of Ramadan , time to get a move on. Lets re-dedicate ourselves whateva that means. . . Jummah Crew News === Mo-D is walking (barely) , Rumor has it Hershey is buying the Masjid(underground deal) and his father runs Al-Iman school for personal profit...., The Lord Tariq is keepin it real away from the mosque, Juggums is still in town, ADAMS gots his Permit (License to Kill) which allows him to drive in circles in his driveway from 5:30 am to 5:31 am w/ two adults over 31 and a German shepherd in the car..(this joke is hard to get don't hurt yourself Grandmaster). thats it for now, laterz.
Saturday Jan 9th, 12:01 AM

AZ::::: I'm thinking that this new page is gonna be tight. The only problem is that my page is basically a commentary too.. so this kinda makes my page obselete. It's all good.. I figure out something to do w/ my page that's keeping it real. Anyhow, the new Jummah Crew CD needs to be coming out soon, look on my page to see more detail soon. We need to all have phat lyrics that talk about how we have left the our kufar ways and have come back to Islam. Well, like the Rain said, we are in the last week of Ramadan. It's time to tighten up all around. Anyhow, don't forget to give Du'aa for the entire JC during your prayers. We all know we need it! Inshallah all our prayers will be answered as we enter a turning point in the JC when people are starting to get hitched and move on to jobs and graduate schools or whatever. But I know, we will forever be the JC (hey, that's a good line for my rap). Peace out.
Monday Jan 11th, 4:17PM

rain.JPG - 1130 Bytes Its late and im bored. I have discovered a new addition we need to our cars - flamethrowers. Apparently they have this in South Afrika. AZ look into this one for us. Latest news is Jugnu went back to New Orleans and left us for the semester. I have a old joke for you guys - - - What's the difference between a BMW and a porcupine? -- In the Porcupine the pricks are on the outside. . . ha ha ha , okay that shows my total boredom. I will leave you now. later. Today is Ayaz's big day, everyone punch him once in the arm.
Wednesday Jan 13'th, 12:30 AM 

AZ::::: Flamethrowers?! That's keeping a bit TOO real for me Rainman. That's gotta be a felony of some sort. But I'm not scared of the Police, they come to my house enough that I've gotten used to them. Anyhow, Jugnu did go back, his mommy made him go. And then he got played into thinking he was gonna get a free ticket back for Eid, which ain't gonna happen. But enough of this nonsense, why is it that nobody else in Jummah Crew 'speaks'? Just email what you have to say to Rainman, he'll make sure it's heard, we need to keep this site alive.
Alive like a bee hive
Learning the hand jive
Like the time has hit five
Which is time to break the fast
Jummah Crew 99, forever we will LAST..
January 14, 1999 10:25pm 

Haythem : These are my words:Gotta give it up to my boy AZ, who had a full day ahead of himyesterday.  He first kept his moral during his academic Jihad at Duke,fasting, answering questions left and right to represent the intellectsof Da Jummah Crew.  Then he had a greater mission at night where he didnot fast but tried to save the Titanic!!.  How successful was he on thatmission, well Jummah Crew members keep it tight, so no doubt in my mindthat he kept our community in wonder.  See, he told me, he is gonna keepit real and he really did...Now how many people you know that can keeppromises.  That just shows the reality of this Jummah, we are a crewthat hate a jew but like to screw!!! For all you sick people out there,Screw is meant how we tightin' things up around here, if you don't get it, then you can't be us or see us.  Peace Out.
Friday, Jan 15th 1999 - 11:08 am 
AZ::::: Phaaaatttt. That's my boy H-Dog holding it down at JC central! Anyhow, today is Eid day, and the whole JC had the day on lockdown. I couldn't find that freakin' 1920 deli, I think I spent 2 hours looking for free food at that joint. But don't worry Adam, I'll get my free food from there, and there better not be any food poisoning up in the peice either!!!!!! Anyhow, I'm taking my show on the road up to NY. I'm gonna be gone till the big basketball playoff on Saturday, I better see everyone there. I wanna see more people speak, so all I gottta say is, 'WHERE MY ZOO AT?'!!!!
Jan 18th 1999 - 9:11pm

H-Dawg : Dawg...Da Zoo are right here and still keepn' it real.  Rainman was kind enough to invite us over at eid, I can't believe until now he falls into our trick.  His parents warn him about us but the unity and love he has for Da Jummah is far beyond making a reasonable decision for not inviting us.  Keep it real dawg!!!  Saturdayis a show down day where all Da Jummah, Jummah Recruites, and many brothers will be mastering some skills on the court.  This event is gonnafull of excitement and probably spectacular cross overs, last minutes shots, and some dunks here and there.  If you know and don't come for someweird reason, like your sister is being engaged!!!! then I would recommendspending a few hours at the Eid Picnic the next day where unity willbe observed by a sea of phaattt T-shirts. No Joke!!  MSA for life and the hereafter.
Wednesday, January 20, 1999 10:35 AM

AZ::::: That bball was phat man, only because me and my NCSU boys represented and took home to prize. Anyhow, I was looking at the guestbook.. and decided that since this is where JummahCrew speaks, this is where I will talk about it. It was a rather rude guestbook addition. Our first instict is to say 'freakin Kufar,' BUT, if you notice ontop, where the name goes, it says "anti-HT." This leads me to beleive it could be one of two people.. either Boom (in New Orleans) or Khalid. I say this because they use 'HT' a lot to abbriviate 'Hizbu-tarir.' Now I am leaning towards saying it was Khalid because he recently emailed me saying I should give him shout outs, which means he recently visited our site for the first time. But this is all just an opinion.. I welcome all refutes or additions to this arguement! Peace out.
Jan 26th 1999 -10:15pm

 camelboy::::I agree with you AZ, we all know who it is. It is our batan friend from the taliban klan, the attorney is not crazy enough to do this (he knows that we can sue him). Also he said
“freakin” this word is used alot by khaled. Khaled we go you and you suck.
Jan27th 1999 - 6:33pm
                                                                                                                  peace out

AZ::::: Word life man. Anyhow, have any of you noticed how JummahCrew has blow up like we always thought it would? I mean we are talking CD, webpages, and soon JummahWear. I think the directions and goals of JummahCrew will soon be addressed. I mean the ultimate goal is to 'keep it real', and we do that... but are we leaving out brothers by forming such a click? Are we not addressing the real issues we need to address?! I don' t have the answers, but maybe you do...
Jan 28th 1999 -11:18PM

Word up ya'll, Salam alaikum, JAG representin GNO. To address this critical issue raised by my brother AZ, I think we should remember that keepin it real means keepin it open. Last thing we want is to be elitist. We all here cos we got each other's backs, and if another brother is willing to do the same, then that's all we should ask.
Monday, Feb 1, 1999 5:30 PM CST