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Session #7

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September 22, 1999

The Future of Jummah Crew


    Alright everyone, it's been a long time since we have done some updating to this page.  I really don't think A LOT has happened since last time I updated though.  But, I will now address the important issue of the future of Jummah Crew.  Depending on who you ask, you will get different opinions on our future.
    I think, from what I have seen on Friday nights these past few times, that Jummah Crew proper has not been the same since Hasan and I have left.  Maybe it's just me, but there is a different feel to Friday nights.  I can actually come to Magrib and see only one or two members... about a year ago at this time it was almost an unwritten rule that you must be at Magrib on fridays (with the exception of those days when Magrib fell close to 5pm during the winter, in which case Isha was mandatory at the Masjid for us).
     So is Jummah Crew dead? I say NO with great confidence. I still to this day, even though I live far away from Raleigh know that Jummah Crew has my back... if someone is talking crap about me, or if someone is trying to take me down, or even if I'm just slipping my myself, the crew is there.  It's not about saying 'oh damn, so and so hasn't been to the Masjid in SO long, he is just losing his Islam'.. someone will just notice it quietly and call that person up to see what's going on.  That's what Jummah Crew is about.

      With the finishing of the new Majid we will quickly find that the new member outnumber the old original members... for me I don't think I'll ever get that bond with the new members.. I know they are Muslim and if they ever call me for help I'd be happy to help... but there was a great trust built with the original members of Jummah Crew.  As hard as it is to beleive that orignal group is as tightened up as it gets.  Peace Out and keep it real fellas.